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Naples Capodichino International Airport (NAP) - Guide to Naples (NAP) Airport

Naples is relatively easy to get around with many pedestrianised areas and a decent public transport network. The Central Railway Station (Stazione Centrale) at the Piazza Garibaldi is the city's main station.

From here, it's possible to catch trains to destinations around Italy and into other parts of Europe. Naples is a key rail hub for the country and there are many routes and regular trains, making train travel a good way to get around.

The main bus station is conveniently located in front of Stazione Centrale and there are bus routes to destinations throughout the region. If you're looking to explore the countryside around Naples and want to do so independently, it's possible to hire a car from car rental companies throughout the city. There are also plenty of taxis in Naples. Naples is served by Capodichino International Airport, situated approximately five miles from the city centre.

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