Visiting Naples

(Naples, Italy)

Naples is an alluring city, full of history, charm and beauty. One of the most popular visitor locations in the whole of Italy, the city of Naples is brimming with magnificent churches, spectacular palaces, grand castles and a plethora of fine buildings.

With an impressive waterfront location and a mountainous backdrop, Naples is the perfect place to explore many nearby islands and the stunning ruins of Pompeii. Historic landmarks aside, the endless selection of restaurants throughout Naples are not to be missed.

Visiting Naples: Places to Visit

  • Bus tours of Naples, with air-conditioned buses each day, offering English commentary and insightful information about the city's past
  • Walking tours of Naples, with various routes on offer, together with experienced English speaking guides
  • Teatro San Carlo, the San Carlo Theatre in central Naples, dating back to 1737 and hosting many operas and museums, with guided tours during the weekend
  • Piazza Matteotti, an important square famous for its classical architecture and modern buildings
  • Acquario, the Naples Aquarium, one of the most historic in the whole of Europe, with large tanks and marine specimens, part of the city's Zoological Institute
  • Edenlandia (Amusement Park), a major family attraction with many fast rides, standing on the western side of Naples
  • Museo Nazionale Ferroviario, a popular railway museum containing many trains, railroad cars and exhibitions
  • Palazzo Reale, an enormous building which was commissioned in 1600 and not completed until almost 250 years later, with 30 large rooms, elaborate decor and numerous frescoes
  • San Francesco di Paola, a stunning recreation of Rome's historic Pantheon, with a particularly elaborate interior
  • Napoli Sotterranea, known as the 'Underground Naples', an unusual network of tunnels once used by soldiers during the 6th century
  • Duomo di San Gennaro, the city's beautiful cathedral, which has been both renovated and redesigned over the years
  • Palazzo Gravina, a magnificent 16th-century palace with Renaissance-style architecture and now housing the Naples School of Architecture
  • Palazzo Serra di Cassano, a particularly grand palace once home to royalty and located in the Pizzofalcone area of Naples

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